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This is a little peek into my container garden just two days after planting– as of this past Monday, the 23rd.


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I couldn’t think of a clever theme for the 3rd week of April, except that most of my photos were from the zoo, and I ended the week at the beach. This is the tiny chocolate rabbit from my Easter basket that was (almost) too pretty to eat… until Monday the 16th, anyway.


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Missed two days

It’s been a long, full weekend and I missed two days. Oh, well.

I did finally acquire a Fluttershy shirt, though. Yay!

And it fits BOTH of us! Though the face in this second photo had to be obscured to protect the innocent (who insists he’s NOT a brony).

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Making Friends in a Small World

I can’t think of anything to write about today. It was a busy, productive day but not in the interesting way that some days are, more in the pick-axing the lion exhibit for an hour and a half and getting lots of cleaning and chores done sort of way.

I did make a new friend, though. I was cleaning exhibit windows when a woman asked me about my sunglasses cord, which happens to have the name of my university on it. Turns out we’re from the same state. Then she was telling me where she’s from now… and she lives where J and I did before we moved to Hawaii, and works in the same field I do (but for an organization I haven’t worked for) and told me to get in touch for free passes next time I’m in the area. Fun!

Sometimes I get teased (good-naturedly) for the way I make friends everywhere I go, even when I’m supposed to be doing other things. I really do, though. I make friends in random places, but it makes the world a more friendly and interesting place. ^_^

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Today I had Tea Fail.

I’ve been making loose-leaf tea for breakfast lately because I can tweak it a little more to my tastes. This morning I came downstairs and put the kettle on to boil, then went to check my email. When it started to whistle, I got up and flipped the lid to make it stop whistling, but left the stove top on because I realized I’d forgotten to clean my little tea strainer yesterday. The other two strainers were in the wash, so I went to dump the leftover pips… only to discover they were still damp (it’s been humid lately) so I had to rinse the tea strainer.

The water in the kettle was still boiling.

So then my strainer was wet, and I usually use it to scoop out the tea I want but didn’t want to put it into the packet of tea while wet. I reached for a spoon, only to discover they were all in the wash, too, except one of my really big soup spoons. I have really big soup spoons, too. I scooped out some tea and the spoon was so big that it snagged on the paper edge of the packet and pips went everywhere. Pipsplosion. So then it looked like there were little, well, DROPPINGS all over my kitchen AND my (also damp) hands were getting stained brown.

And the kettle was still boiling.

I finally managed to get enough into the strainer and got it situated in the pot and poured what was left of the boiling water into the pot as well. I set the timer for 5 minutes (I like strong tea in the morning) and walked off to sit down and check my email.

And didn’t hear the timer because I was distracted.

I remembered my tea 25 minutes later.

When it was almost as dark as coffee.

At that point I was so DONE with making tea, I drank it anyway. With twice as much milk and sugar as usual.

And I was WIRED for a solid TWO HOURS.

Tea Fail.

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Reasons I love my cats

You’re getting this post in part because it’s not even 9pm and I’m seriously considering heading toward bed as soon as I’m done. Also because I haven’t written about my cats yet for this whole BEDA thing. And nothing much interesting happened today except the zoo’s volunteer appreciation dinner. I went, I ate, and felt very appreciated. I mean this in all seriousness– the zoo does not fail to make me feel like I’m really making a difference. Good job, zoo!

So. Reasons I love my cats.

  • They are good at snuggling.
  • They are almost always happy to see me.
  • They talk to me.
  • Leena sings to me.
  • Caspian likes to “groom” with me– hairbrush, ear cleaning, towel dry together. ^_^
  • They keep me warm when I am cold at night.
  • I am never home alone.
  • They catch the bugs.
  • They are nice to pet.
  • I do not have to take them on walks or to parks or for exercise. We can just play string and then take a nap. It is fabulous.
  • They do not tolerate people they don’t like. It’s entertaining to watch them snub other people.
  • They are both loud purrers.
  • They are well trained.
  • They love me, too. ^_^


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Container Gardens, renewed

This weekend I wanted to get outside and do something, and I also wanted to be productive, so I decided to pull out all of the empty pots that used to be my container garden and redo them.

The flowers died over the summer and fall because we had an unusually hot and dry season. To be fair, I had some high-maintenance plants (like Gerbera daisies). Anyway, I wanted something fresh, but also something I wouldn’t have to invest too much time or money to maintain. So I bought annuals.

I got a variety of them this time: petunias, vinca, salvia, dahlia, zinnia, fuscias (which are apparently considered annuals here, which is weird), dusty miller, some tiny yellow daisies, and a few other things. All of them looked nice together, so I mixed them all together in the containers.

Another idea I had (because I didn’t want to buy too much new soil) was to take the big pots and upend them and use them as plant stands for the smaller pots. I think it turned out really well, A) because it gave height to the garden and B) because it was free.

It was a nice way to spend the afternoon on Saturday, and I’ve had fun checking them every day to see them perk up in the fresh soil. They’ll make for some pretty summer blooms if I can keep them in the shade. And since I’ve put them on the front porch instead of the back, I think they’ll be fine. ^_^


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As this weekend was Earth Day, it was also the opening weekend for the new Disneynature movie, Chimpanzee. And as I have every year, I went with a group from the zoo to go see it.

It’s always interesting to go see an animal movie w/ zoo people because we see things with that perspective. So the comments afterward were along the lines of this:

“At least they didn’t personify the chimps quite as much as in the lion one last year.”
“Why does there have to be an ‘invading force’ and all that, why not just say the other group needs more food to support itself?”
“Why are all of the ‘bad guys’ in these Disney movies named things like Scar? Or Fang?” (My contribution? “I like the name Roscoe…”)
“I wonder how much they edited it in the studio for _______ scene…”

You get the idea.

The footage was beautiful, though. I especially liked the parts where they filmed rain in slow motion as it poured down on mushrooms and leaves, and a part where they showed phosphorescent fungi. This is what I really like about these type of movies– the high definition, gorgeous footage of the wildlife and of places I’ll probably never see in my lifetime.

So yeah. I liked it overall.

Last thing for tonight and then I’m going to bed (I’ve been up since 4:30, which is a whole other matter). A friend sent me this:


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Flowers and Dancing Sea Creatures

Today was a nice day and I wanted to be outside so I went to the garden store and bought potting soil and some annuals (okay, a lot of annuals) and I remade all of my container gardens. The pots are now in groupings on the front porch (where I am better about watering, and they don’t get baked by the afternoon sun). There will be photos eventually, I’m sure, but none for today because as I was finishing, my friend pulled up to take me to dinner and a play…

…which I’d forgotten we were leaving at THAT time to attend. Well, I remembered, but I really thought it was earlier in the day than it turned out to be. So she waited the 15 minutes it took me to shower and change and get back downstairs and out the door.

The show was put on by the local university’s theater and dance department and involved Polynesian dance, ballet, and puppetry arts. The first half was made of short dance pieces. The second half had plot and puppet characters that went down into the ocean. My favorite part involved the jellyfish, but I think I was most excited by the pair of dancing anglerfish. Wouldn’t you be? The fish and other sea creatures were done similarly to the Lion King in that the people were blended with the puppets, costumes, etc. Very cool.

But yeah. Dancing anglerfish. Pretty awesome.

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I finally got my photos edited and uploaded from the Mad Hatter tea party last weekend. You can see them at my photo blog, though I’ll post a couple of favorites here.

Many of the photos are either of me or of my friend’s daughter, mostly because I didn’t take many photos of the actual drinking-tea part of it (though I should have, I suppose) and because the daughter wanted to take pictures, so I attached the camera to her (don’t want anything breaking), showed her how to take photos, and then let her tell me how to pose. She took some pretty random shots (of grass, sky, my stomach, her own feet…) but some of them came out really well. I have shared those, too. She did keep having me put my hands out in an odd little way, though.

After the tea party, she borrowed my top hat and played tightrope walker, so there are photos of that, too. Generally the pictures are of our costumes and then me playing with poses and such. You’ve been warned.

The tea party was a fun idea, though. I think next time we should invite more people, and maybe do the sort of thing where you can only eat one type of thing at a time and have a timer that goes off at random intervals to have us change seats. That could be fun. Also it would give me an excuse to wear my hat again. Or another one. I like hats.

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