joanna irl

Moving Woes

Well, I may as well start this thing off with a nice little rant about the US Navy.

You should know that we went in April to have our “briefing” (which was the opposite of brief; it took a couple of hours…) about moving. We were told to please choose a date in August for our pack out (i.e. the movers coming and putting it all in a giant shipping crate), so we picked the 24th and 25th. You need two days for an overseas shipment, apparently. Anyway, I just got the confirmation email last week (two months later) and the date listed in it is August 11th. That’s a full two weeks sooner than anticipated, which isn’t a big deal, except that Mr. Spouse probably won’t get out of school until about August 18th. Yikes!

Another thing I would like to note about the non-brief briefing: We have a weight limit for our belongings of 7,000 lbs. This is all well and good, right? Well, as we sat in the briefing and were informed of this, we were then told to please estimate the approximate weight of all of our belongings. As if I know how much stuff weighs! Rarr. Anyway, I listed almost the full amount, just in case. I’m not letting them leave behind something just because I under-estimated!

Doncha love the military?

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