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Writing in Jello

So… J’s orders may or may not have changed. Thanks to the wonderful US Navy that can’t do ANYthing efficiently, we’re not really sure. We might still be leaving at the end of August, or it might be closer to mid-September. We’ll have to see, I guess. This is why we say that in the Navy, everything is written in Jello.

The second week of nature camp is now over and it was exhausting, but good. I had 21 kids (ages 9 to 12) for the week, and they were definitely a handful. We had fun, though, despite a lot of crazy stuff happening behind the scenes. Imagine showing up to your camp location to find that the port-a-johns you ordered aren’t there and instead you find half a dozen pieces of heavy equipment meant to spend the day tearing out fencing and leveling the parking lot, while you have 41 kids (many of them tiny 6 year olds…) to keep out of their way. Loads of fun, no? It wound up going more smoothly than we thought it would, but still…

Last night we went to a fundraiser for Hope House, which is a local organization that helps special needs adults. They had a raffle and I won a workout tank for J, and he won free yoga for a month for me. We had good food, good music, and a good time with friends.

Today, if we can ever get out the door, we’re heading out to Busch Gardens to play a little bit. We’ve also scheduled one of their behind the scenes days for August 8– we’ll get to meet wolf trainers (and the wolves), see the Clydesdales up close, and meet some of their education animals. I’m excited about that. ^_^

In the meantime, I have at least one week of camp left at the zoo. Might work the first week of August as well, depending on how I’m feeling at the end of this week. Then I’m just about done with everything for work. August is for packing and switching furniture between our place and my folks’ place, and then for getting rid of everything not going to HI with us. Fun stuff.

I’ll be sending out this link to more people very soon, so I’ll also start updating more frequently… and if you’re here for the first time, welcome! ^_^

4 thoughts on “Writing in Jello”

  1. Ha! I found you!

    And ick – I hope you guys DO get to stay a bit longer! Of course, if you don’t, it’s understandable. It’s just frustrating when you’re trying to coordinate things. I loves you guys!



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