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Maybe the end of work in VA?

Well, tomorrow may very well be my last day of work. It’s hard to say for sure, as I might get called in next week (someone has already called out at the Zoo and doesn’t seem to have found a replacement…), but really, tomorrow is my last scheduled day.

If we get extended (which is looking slightly more likely; thank you US Navy), I might work the last week of August at Back 2 Nature camp. Well, except for Monday of that week, which is when the movers come and I have to be here to supervise them.

So there are some definitely if’s associated with it, but the point is I’m nearing the end and so ready for it. This week has been especially exhausting.

In the meantime, our condo is going to start being shown tomorrow, so I have to have it at least mostly clean, while still organizing things for the move. Juggle, much?

I think I’m going to throw a Mathom Party; it’s a bit of freecycling, if you will (though not through that organization). The tentative date is August 14 (or, two Fridays from now), so if you’re local and reading this, come have some of my stuff. It’ll mostly be paperback books, extra DVDs, duplicates of things, lotion I haven’t used, maybe some of my Yankee Candles, some of my winter wear (I have a ton of sweaters!), maybe some of my barely-used shoes… Things like that. If you can use it, please come take it. I don’t want to trash it but I also don’t want to carry it around with me indefinitely.

I’ve got to sign off for now. We have people coming over for dinner in about 30 minutes. I’m making cupcakes in honor of Harry Potter’s birthday tomorrow. I make them every year on September 22, too. ~_^

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