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Welding school: check!

J called me this morning to tell me that his last two tests in welding school passed and he’s graduating tomorrow! That’s two weeks before anticipated… but apparently he gets to keep his two week extension. The paperwork is supposed to get finalized tomorrow, so that’ll be a weight off of our shoulders. Now I just have to get everything lined up for the cats’ stuff. I’m a little concerned at the moment because it looks like I have to overnight all of their original documents to the import place, including the results of their rabies tests, which I never saw because the KSU lab sent them straight to Hawaii… I’ll have to call later today and make sure that’s okay. I also have to find our copies of the import forms and get them notarized. Yay fun, right?

Last night I cleared out my closet, tried on everything I haven’t worn recently, and put 2/3 of it into the donation pile. Today I’m going to tackle the bookshelves and maybe my dresser. J’s closet will be next, most likely. He’s not going to be a big fan of that, but we’ve got to see what’s in there. Then we’ll get to the overhead storage (which is mostly Christmas stuff and other seasonal things). I’m hoping other people will be able to put this extra stuff I have to good use. I don’t want to carry around a lot of extras for the next however many years we’re in the Navy.

I think we’re going to drive down to Atlanta the last weekend of August and take J to the CocaCola Museum, the Varsity and maybe to a couple of other places. It should be fun. We’ll drive down via the Smoky Mountains, which is a pretty route.

Wish me luck as I tackle the bookshelves! Haha.

Apparently an original copy of our rabies testing went to my vet’s office here, so I’ll be able to get that with no problems. *whew* Now we just have to get the import form and a health certificate and we’re good to go!

3 thoughts on “Welding school: check!”

  1. Grats to J on passing his tests 😀


    Not the bookshelves! I could never even begin to comprehend the idea of getting rid of any of our books. I’m a bookaphilia well and truly XD


  2. Ah, yes, I am, too… Except that I have paperback copies of books I also have in hardback and we have a weight limit on what we can take. Given the options, I’d rather adopt-out the paperbacks and keep the hardbacks. I also have a ton of paperbacks that I know I’ve never read (i.e. people gave them to me not knowing my tastes) and things that both J and I owned when we got married, and we don’t need two copies of the same thing. So nothing is really going away, if that makes sense.


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