cat life

Cat Tree!

The UPS guy just buzzed us and brought up a big box with all the pieces for the new cat climber! We just got it all put together, and it’s already a hit. ^_^ Of course, we covered it in treats and toys to make a fun obstacle course first, but you gotta do what you gotta do, right? Haha.

Tower Power!

Anyway, we’re sending the small tower (their kitten tower) and the favorite scratching post in the express shipment on Tuesday, and then this will be the fun thing that arrives when all the furniture comes, sort of to make it up to them for the craziness, and because who doesn’t love a 5 foot tall cat climber?

2 thoughts on “Cat Tree!”

  1. I love the way Leena is perched with her feet over the edge of the climber. Zoie’s taken to doing that lately too… I guess it’s just the lady-like way of doing things. =D

    We’re back to pondering our cat climber situation. By and large, the cats still love their climber, but we really need to get Zoie a vertical scratching surface that’s tall enough for her to stretch out and scratch on to help divert her from her recent interest in the backs of the new couches… and the current climber just doesn’t have such a place.


  2. Well, we got this one from Amazon. It was VERY affordable. We needed something with carpet and rope, high perches for Leena and a house for Caspian to hide. It was harder than I thought to find one that had everything.


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