Saturday at Busch Gardens

Well, we spent yesterday at Busch Gardens and had a great time. We had registured for an Animal Insider tour, so we got there early to get the times of each section, then just hung out at the park all day between tours. We got to do a wolf training session, meet one of their Clydesdales up close, and then interact with some of their education animals. It was a blast. ^_^ I’ll post a few pictures at the bottom.

Our favorite part of the tour was holding the two-toed sloth, Ellie. I did like getting to hug the Clydesdale, though.

It’s been a quiet day here. The landlord came and showed the condo at 10am, which was interesting… The potential tenant brought her whole family along with her. Her dad seemed friendly and asked us a lot of questions, which I can understand, especially about our utility bills.

We had a picnic lunch today out at the shipyard. They have these scary looking old factory buildings (with dates on them ranging from 1857 to 1901) that look as if Dickens’ characters could step out of the doorways at any moment. We ate in Trophy Park, which is an actual pretty area of the shipyard, full of trees and old bits of things, like missiles, canons (from the 18th and 19th centuries…), anti-aircraft guns from WWII, torpedos, an old (one-man) British submarine… Wild, no? The sub was about 12 feet long, if that. They also had some huge propellers from ships and lots of anchors.

The movers come on Tuesday to take the express shipment. I’ve been working on a list of stuff to put together tomorrow for them to take. Mostly it’s going to be linens and some cookware, but also some clothes and cat stuff. It’s weird (and pretty surreal) to think about it happening already…

Also, we got a shiny red netbook so we’ll have a computer while our PC is in our household goods shipment. It’s got a built in webcam and J’s been spending the day doing all the set up stuff. I like it. He has been IMing me from the bedroom though, claiming that “it’s easier than shouting.” Keep in mind there are only 4 rooms in this place. Special.

1 thought on “Saturday at Busch Gardens”

  1. Hey J&J!!!

    So glad to hear y’all made it safely to Hawaii!! We prayed for you all day yesterday, off and on. Keep us posted on what’s happening there. Hope it’s a NICE hotel. Take pictures!!!

    Love you both, AR ^_^


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