navy life

Express shipment is gone


The so-called “express shipment” is gone now.

J took yesterday off from work to be here at 8AM; the movers had called on Monday to confirm the date and time and told us to give them a call at 8AM, so we did. They said they were in their morning meeting and that they’d call when they left the office.

We never heard from them. We called them at 10 and again at 12:30, when they finally told us to expect them around 2:30. They came at 3:15. I know they’re busy and we’re a small shipment, but at least call if you’re not going to be there when you say you’re going to be there.

Anyway, they took everything in about 4 boxes, including some of my plates (thankfully, not the nice ones) which they wrapped in newsprint and then stuck in the middle of a big box surrounded by towels. Then they labeled the box “linens.” I asked if it shouldn’t say “dishes & linens,” but they wouldn’t change it. They also kept spelling our last name wrong (with a U instead of the second V…) so I had to keep reminding them to correct it on the boxes. Otherwise we might not get everything back at the other end. It was really frustrating.

Now we’ve got to get everything inventoried before the main shipment leaves in two weeks. We also have to rent a van or truck or something and switch some of the furniture with stuff at my parents’ place. It’s going to be a marathon next couple of weeks…

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