navy life

Swapping Rooms…

We are at T-minus 6 days until movers arrive.

J got his separation paperwork from C-school today and is officially a coded welder. Yay for that.

Once he got home from school today, we went and picked up a cargo van from the rental place and are waiting on a friend to come over and help us get everything downstairs (all 49 of them…) and into the van. I’m swapping dressers with my old room at my parents’ house, as well as getting my old headboard and my dining room table (that currently lives under the bed in my old room) and maybe a bedside table. Basically we’re getting a whole new bedroom set.

The kitties are also going down to stay with my parents for the next month. We arrive in HI in about 30 days, so I’m about to start filing all of their paperwork as well… should be interesting, to say the least. I have to get all their stuff sent overnight with return-receipt and then still get them a valid health certificate. Yikes.

Well, my little break is over. Time to start loading the van…

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