navy life

Marathon day: check!

Today was the first real marathon day I’ve had in a long time. It got to the point where I had to write myself a schedule… That’s just a little bit sad.

I will say, however, that we did manage to ship the car today, which is a huge accomplishment. I was starting to feel like the car was not ever going to leave, what with the other car breaking and then breaking again (we had a relapse on Monday of the overheating thing about 3 blocks from the car shipping place and had to get the car towed home again), being out of town, having a dozen other things to do first, etc. The best part is that we even lost the shipping paperwork for it. We had the paperwork when we first tried to ship the car last Friday, we had it when we tried again on Monday, and couldn’t find it anywhere today. We spent a good hour looking before finally giving up and getting new paperwork.

My throat is sore and I am exhausted, but the goal now is to get a good night’s sleep and then go play tomorrow. We’re going to head to Busch Gardens for a last hurrah and then maybe have dinner at Colonial Williamsburg in one of the taverns. Should be nice.

Welcome to my new readers. ^_^

More for me than anything….
What I accomplished today:
~ returned the rental van (we have a new-to-us bedroom set and dining room table!)
~ collected the cats’ paperwork so we can send it tomorrow or Saturday
~ dropped off and picked up all prescriptions
~ changed all mailing addresses that I could remember
~ set up end dates for utilities, cable, etc.
~ did a walk-through with the moving company
~ shipped the car (FINALLY!)
~ purchased a new (bigger!) bed
~ went to a going away dinner with zoo staff
~ hosted the last game night at our place

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