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Kitties got planes!

This week has been full of highs and lows, but I’m definitely in a good place at the moment (Franklin Street in CH!). We went to the NC Zoo on Tuesday, which was a lot of fun. I haven’t been in years, and they’re really working on modernizing their exhibits. They have the wide open field exhibits with chain link around them, which are great for the animals in terms of space, but not the easiest to see or the prettiest. It was nice, though.

Wednesday we spent the day trying to get ourselves plane tickets (which we did– we’re flying on September 17 at 7am, routed through ATL and then direct to Honolulu) and trying to book the cats to go with us. You’d think adding the cats would be easy; we’ve had them listed on our paperwork since day one and it’s easy enough to have them as “checked baggage” (they can’t ride in-cabin to HI because of the quarantine). The hang up happened over the temperature outside. Hawai’i has very consistent temperatures and it’s always 88 degrees F in September… and animals can’t travel if it’s going to be above 85 anywhere during the trip. We tried changing schedules (so they’d arrive early morning or late evening), tried sending them cargo, even tried Pet Air* and just couldn’t find a solution. There were lots of other factors involved so that the cats couldn’t really wait a month and come later that I won’t get into here, but it got very frustrating.

Anyway, we finally were told to try Continental (by two people, including a woman in the military office at Delta) and we called them yesterday… and the cats are flying! Continental has a pet-dedicated service that is climate controlled so they can send the cats to Honolulu without temperature restrictions! They’ll arrive about 2 hours before we do. Yay! FWIW, Continental is comparable cost-wise to checking the cats as baggage on a regular flight.

With that huge piece of relief, we headed up to Chapel Hill to spend the first part of the weekend with my brother. We hung around campus with him last night and today we’re up on Franklin Street for coffee, window shopping and maybe lunch, then will head back down to campus for the afternoon. We’re going to try and get tickets to the Alumni basketball game tonight and we’re going to the season opener football game tomorrow, so it’s looking to be a great weekend. ^_^Photos at the bottom behind the cut!

*Pet Air = waste of money! They charge twice as much as sending them via regular airlines and they don’t get a dedicated plane– Pet Air only signs them up with regular carriers for you. It’s worth the savings to call the airline yourself.


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