A Weekend at the Hill

We spent this weekend in Chapel Hill (Thursday to Saturday night) and had an awesome time! Thursday we drove up and met my brother between classes, then hung around campus while he had his last class and then spent the evening with him. Friday we got up and walked to the Caribou Coffee on Franklin (where I wrote the previous entry) and then had lunch on campus and poked into several of the buildings so I could show J where I took classes. I got a couple of books at the bookstore and a new t-shirt.

Friday afternoon we met up with my brother (after classes, again) and had Yogurt Pump (yay!) and then wandered down to the Dean Dome to look for tickets to the Alumni basketball game. It’s an all-star event every year and sells out immediately, but we were going to try and buy tickets off the street anyway. Through good timing and good fortune, we bought face value tickets ($20 each, as opposed to the $80 most people were trying to get) and sat in the lower level corner on the 8th row off of the floor right behind the bench! I’ll post photos. It was amazing. We not only saw members of the 2005 championship team and the 2009 championship team, but we saw Jerry Stackhouse and Antwan Jameson and Vince Carter (who is amazing to watch) and Phil Ford was coaching. Then Roy Williams and Dean Smith got there in time to watch and were joined by Michael Jordon who was there to be honored since he’s getting inducted to the Hall of Fame. The whole thing was just… wow. OH and we got to see the 2009 championship team come out for the unfurling of the banners over the seats. There are six now. ^_^

Saturday we watched the first episode of College Gameday of the football season then had lunch and went to the Basketball Museum. We saw some of the new 2009 memorabilia, including signed basketballs. Then we took the bus up to Franklin Street and went to the Sugarland bakery. We made it back to the Old Well in time for the Well Walk (the football players get off the bus at the Well and walk through a crowd of fans all the way to the stadium) and got to hear the band play and generally had a fun time. We had no trouble getting tickets to the football game and had a great time watching the Heels beat the Citadel. Then the basketball team had their ring ceremony at halftime, so we got to see that, too. We hung out with my brother a little longer after the game, then drove back to Raleigh to meet up with some company.

My aunt and uncle from TN were visiting to see us before we left, so we spent yesterday and today with them. We taught them how to play Apples to Apples. ^_^ It was nice visiting with them. I don’t think we’ve seen them since the wedding… Today we went to Pullen Park in Raleigh and rode the carousel and the train (which was much faster and wobblier than the one at the VA Zoo). It rained the rest of the day, so we stayed around the house, which was nice, too.

Anyway, it’s been a long, full, fun weekend. ^_^ Again, I’ll post photos as I can.

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