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We got a house!

Yesterday was VERY productive! J checked in with his command the afternoon we got here to start our TLA (temporary living allowance) but had to do all the paperwork yesterday morning, so I stayed here with the kitties while he did that.

His sponsor brought him back and they took me to lunch with them, then we went to the car shipping people and got our car. It’s awesome having our own transportation!

Next stop was the housing/personal property office, where we went to sign up for a waitlist for Navy housing. We’d explored various options and with the high cost of living here, it makes the most sense financially to live in Navy housing. It’s technically “base housing,” but is all run through civilian contractors. We made friends with the woman helping us (whose husband is getting transferred to Chesapeake– go figure!) and had her laughing so hard at us that she was crying. Just because I was doing a dramatic reading of the paperwork… hehe. Anyway, she showed us where all of the Navy neighborhoods are and they’re slam-up beside the base. Not that base isn’t pretty… but it’s just plain crowded here. I feel hemmed-in, so to speak. I asked if there wasn’t anything just a little further out of town…

…and she told me that they just had the blessing ceremony on a brand new area Thursday called Hele Mai. She thought there might be 3 or 4 houses left in the area, and sent us over to the housing people to ask. There was only one left by the time we walked across the office, so we pounced on it. Normally I would never take a place sight-unseen, but…

Good stuff: The house is brand new, with brand new appliances, and we’ll be the first to live in it. The floor plan in two stories and upgrades us from a two bedroom, one bath to a three bedroom, two and a half bath. Awesome, right? It’s also in a gated community and has a little fenced in yard with a patio for our grill and is beside the neighborhood park. Inside the community they have a gym, bowling ally, tennis and basketball courts and mini mart, all within walking distance.

The bad stuff? Well, the only down side anyone could tell me was that we’d have an “awfully long commute to base.” When I asked for specifics on this awful commute, I was told “40 to 45 minutes with bad traffic.”

Yeah. Around here 40 minutes is an awful commute. And if we can manage that terrible drive, then we get to live in a beautiful area that’s near the Dole Plantation and out of the congestion of the city. Please tell me where the negative is!

Anyway, we’re driving up there today to judge the distance ourselves and to check out the community. The town is Wahiawa, if you want to look at it on Google maps. ^_^

I’m going to go get breakfast and start getting ready for the day. So excited!

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