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We got a house! Again…

Today we finally got a house. It’s the third one they’ve offered… The second was that cute blue one I posted photos of yesterday, but due to a “computer glitch” they rented that one before we signed paperwork. Anyway, we got a house in the same neighborhood (which is a GOOD thing– I think we’re in one of the better neighborhoods) and almost an identical floor plan. I think they felt bad about the mix up, so they tried to get us as similar a place as possible. Anyway, we have an address, which I’ll be emailing to people soon, and we move in on Monday. I should still be able to take photos on Friday (when we sign the lease) and have them up here Friday evening.

In the meantime, we’ve finally managed to get our car insurance switched to Hawaii and the rates dropped significantly, which is one of the few things that has gone right the first time. Ha. It seems like every time we try to do something, what should be a simple process turns into hoop jumping and back tracking and re-doing things and I’m over it. It’s not just with the Navy, either… Today I decided to go to the pool to unwind and as I walked down, a huge dark cloud rolled over our area. I stubbornly sat there half an hour, but it’s not moving so I came inside.

Tomorrow we’re taking the day off from moving stuff and going to visit some of my local family and do some hiking. I’m ready for a break. Hopefully there will be some pretty pictures tomorrow night, though. ^_^

7 thoughts on “We got a house! Again…”

    1. We kinda had to move quickly… They’re cutting off our TLA on Friday. Apparently this is par for the course here; you get offered a bad house that you have to turn down and policy is to end TLA 6 business days after your first offer if you reject it. We’re relieved it’s over, though, and can’t wait to move in on Monday. Ohh and we get the loaner furniture, too, so no sleeping on the floor. ^_^


    1. Only two bedrooms… heh heh. But there is space for an office downstairs in the “formal dining room” that I think I’m going to turn into an office/kitchen table area.


  1. Hey, two bedrooms is still one more than you had before! Is there both a “formal dining room” and another eating space somewhere? I’ve seen that in a lot of the new and/or remodeled military houses lately. Interestingly, I’ve seen very few people actually use both spaces as eating spaces…


    1. No, that was just about it, but I figure we’ll have plenty of room for our desk and some bookshelves on one end, but also for a kitchen table and chairs (say, about seating for four). And you’re right, it’s still more than we had in the last place. ^_^ And I do like the place. I’m ready to be out of the hotel, too…

      …so, when are you coming to visit? ^_^ I have an idea when I might be needing some company, so will have to call soon.


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