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Signed the Lease

Today we signed the lease on our new house and we move in on Monday. We still don’t have Hawai’i tags (although we’ve been working on that all week, too), but at least we’ll have a place to live. The Navy is giving us loaner furniture until our household goods arrive (end of October) so we’ll have a bed and such things until then. Now I just have to get our internet working there and we’ll be good to go. ^_^

Yesterday we spent a good bit of time at the Legal Office getting a POA for me so I can sign off on anything they throw at me. I’m getting awfully tired of trying to get things done (especially earlier this week when J was doing his initial check-in stuff) and getting asked, “Don’t you have a husband? Where is he?” Such is life when you’re a military dependent. If you want to understand a little better, check out the link to the Jenny Spouse comic; it’s in the right-hand column with the other links.

Anyway, we’re almost done with our paperwork (except for a few more things with the car and DMV) and then we can really start to settle in and hopefully enjoy it here. Things have got to get better, right? I even got recommended to a vet today, which is something I need to find before the kitties are due for the annual check-ups next month. Fun stuff.

We’re headed out now to do an unofficial walk-through of the house so I can photograph it (for you to see and for our records!) and make notes on anything that’s out of place. We have our official walk-through on Monday, but I have all sorts of other things getting delivered and the alarm company coming then, too, so I want to know what’s what before the hecticness starts.

I’ll post photos on the other site this evening if I have time, or tomorrow at the latest.

Wednesday we did not make it to the waterfall for various reasons (the number one being that I couldn’t walk on the mud in my flat-bottomed shoes…) but we did drive up to the North Shore and had dinner at Sunset Beach. We found a little hole in the wall type place called Ted’s Bakery and it had amazing garlic shrimp with rice and homemade chocolate pie. It was wonderful. ^_^ If you come visit, I’ll take you there. ^_^ There are photos of some of the rainforest and of the beach along the windward side and the North Shore posted if you want to look. We’re going to do some touristy things this weekend before J goes back to work, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Maybe a luau or some beach time? We’ll have to see, but I’m ready to play! ^_^

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