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Success: On and Off Base with ease!

This morning I managed to make it onto base and back off with no problems and zero U-turns. I feel accomplished. I also didn’t fall back asleep when I got home (which is a good thing– I’m going to try and go to bed at a decent time tonight) so I got to watch the sun rise behind the mountains. It was drizzling but not entirely overcast and very pretty.

Anyway, I drove over to get coffee and internet, and saw a rainbow that stretched across the entire sky, bright colors and all against the gray clouds. I glanced at it one time too many, though, and smacked my front right tire into the guard rail. FAIL. The car is fine, I just have a dinged-up hubcap now, but I was annoyed.

Then I walked into Starbucks and the situation was made better by discovering a little tin with Salem Baking Co. printed on it full of “Espresso Biscuits,” which is code for Moravian spice cookies. ^_^ So my day is now immensely better; I saw a rainbow, my car is fine, and I have spice cookies!

I’m off to the Exchange now because they’re having a sale and I need a bed frame and a few other odds and ends. Here’s hoping the day continues going well!

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