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The Two-Day Bug

Why do I always catch the Two-Day Bug?

This, I feel, is a deep philosophical question that needs an answer. It can’t be medical, because I don’t have to come into any physical contact with anyone else who has the Two-Day Bug du jour to also come down with said Bug.

It started yesterday with the sniffles. Now I’ve got a full-blown Sinus Party happening in my head and down my throat and it’s not fun. I haven’t been anywhere much lately, except when I was outside (I’ve been avoiding stores and therefore holiday shoppers like the plague… no pun intended) and have no idea where I got this thing. J says it’s “going around” in his shop and that it only lasts a couple of days (which they always do… Why are there no Three-Day Bugs?) but I haven’t been around anyone in his shop, and he hasn’t been home except for last night, when I already had the sniffles. Explain that to me!

Okay, I’m done complaining now. I’m having oranges and crackers and maybe some chicken soup to my meals today and slept 10 hours last night and will hopefully sleep 10 hours tonight and then this thing will be toast.


There are new photos on the photo blog of the house decorated for Christmas and of some scenes from around Honolulu, if you haven’t seen them yet. ^_^

3 thoughts on “The Two-Day Bug”

  1. I get those! It’s probably just the way your immune system tends to deal with ordinary viruses. For the same virus one person might not get symptomatic at all, while other people suffer for weeks, you get it for two days. Mine always go sore throat->congestion->cough with astonishing regularity. As for spreading it, apparently money and door handles are the big culprits.
    I LOVE following your life in Hawaii, by the way. I’ve wanted to go ever since reading James Michener’s book. Which I actually didn’t like very much by the end, but he does manage to make Hawaii really interesting and appealing.


    1. Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. I know other people who have had this thing for a lot longer than me, but they always seem to run their course in 24 hours. Here’s hoping today is the last day!

      Aw, thanks! ^_^ I’m glad you like it. I’ve been bad lately about reading yours… heh. I wish I could go visit Italy, though. It’s in the plan for eventually, but traveling to Europe from here is beyond expensive. I think any trips from here will be home to visit family or maybe west– we want to see parts of Asia. ^_^


  2. Heheh, that’s probably just as well since I’ve been incredibly sporadic about updating.
    Going to Asia makes a LOT more sense than Europe when you’re already halfway there! I just went to Cambodia last summer for the first time, it’s splendid. Also Laos.


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