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Grocery Wars

At the grocery store today, I experienced (again) something that somewhat baffles me; baggers will take my reusable bags, and put items in them wrapped in the very plastic bags I am trying to avoid. This time I found an entire cloth bag (one that will hold 4 cartons of milk, easily) with one bottle of cleaner, wrapped in 3 plastic bags. I’m not kidding.

That got me thinking; if I wonder about the people working at the store, what must they think of me? So here I have a list of things I probably shouldn’t explain to the baggers:

  1. I pull things out of the cart in groups so they’ll get bagged together. The Italian seasoning was with the cat supplies and not the baking supplies for a reason. That reason is that I give it to the tigers at the zoo… so maybe I shouldn’t explain.
  2. I’m holding onto the bananas because I have a slight paranoia about them getting bruised.
  3. Same with the bread. Don’t squish my bread. I will sit it in the back seat and buckle it in like a small child before I let you shove it in a bag. Okay, so maybe it’s a little more than a “slight” paranoia.
  4. I have a perfectly good reason for buying two bags of marshmallows (different sizes) and a box of cake mix with no frosting.
  5. The mint extract? Also not for baking. Probably. I might use a little of it before I take it to the zoo as well.
  6. Ditto on the daisies I sometimes buy. They’re not always going to my house.
  7. You asked me if I found everything I needed today, so I told you something I didn’t find… so why are you looking at me like I have three eyeballs?

They probably think I’m crazy. Or they would if they knew all of that was going through my head… haha.

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