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Just another Sunday afternoon

Happy August 1st! The summer is half over, tomorrow the kids here go back to school, and the weather is still consistent.

This afternoon I took my friend and her nine year old daughter for the zoo because they’d never been and the daughter was excited to see the animals. I like going places with kids because they notice things (and then say things) that I might otherwise miss. This girl is particularly funny because she can be so deadpan when she says things.

Anyway, the zoo was nice, I took a couple of photos, and then I took them home because I was about to fall asleep.

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning all of the things in the cabinet (which is my big cabinet full of baking supplies) that had the striped cockroach and then went to make myself supper. I found some new “Healthy Choice” frozen dinners the last time I shopped for those times I was only cooking for one, and decided to try one: the Pad Thai. Now, I wouldn’t normally try anything so exotic in a frozen food, but frozen stuff has been getting better lately, so I figured why not?

It. Was. Disgusting.

The smell was right, and I started craving the spices, and I bit into it… and it tasted like a congealed version of condensed chicken soup (same noodles, even!) with a little bit of spice. I think I’ll be getting stuff to make Pad Thai next time I make a trip to the store to make it up to myself. This stuff got poured into a baggie and stuck in the freezer so it wouldn’t stink up my trash.

Healthy Choice? You failed. Just so you know.

Leena rediscovered the sink today as well. Both cats have a tendency to follow me everywhere to see what I’m doing (and, presumably, to make sure I don’t disappear or something) and Leena in particular likes to run through doors. Today I found her waiting on the bathroom counter for me, so I turned on the faucet to see what she’d do. She got very excited and drank from it for a long time with her little head turned sideways to get at the water better. The funny part was that she kept trying to shake the water off of her paws while still drinking. It didn’t work out to well for her.

That’s been my day. I think this BEDA thing might demonstrate beautifully why I don’t blog more often. Heh.

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