Zoo Routines

I realized while getting ready for bed that I didn’t blog today… so I’m blogging today. It’s still technically today for me, so it counts. Really.

Today was another zoosday Tuesday.  The weather was weird today, though. First is was drizzly and then it was hot and sunny and then out of nowhere it poured down rain for about ten minutes and then it was back to overcast again. Weird.

Nothing terribly exciting happened at the zoo today. I took catnip in for the tigers, but they didn’t seem all that interested. I’ll try something else next week. I’m thinking mint. It’s a nice, strong smell after all. I planted some flowers in our browse garden and did lots of cleaning (as always) and moved some compost around (which got dusty).

Side note: By browse garden, I mean a garden containing plants that can be eaten by the zoo animals and not a garden that people browse through when they have nothing better to do. Plant food = “browse.” See? you learned something.

Anyway, that really was what I did. Clean, prep food, more cleaning. I like it. There’s something very satisfying about starting with a yucky space and leaving it smelling nice and being clean and all. Of course, it doesn’t last but 5 minutes, but at least for 5 minutes it’s nice.

Also, I have accomplished something that hasn’t happened in ten months: the DVR is empty. Not because I deleted everything, either– no, I watched (in the last week) all of the stuff that’s been building up on there for a few months. Between being out of town and having guests and just being busy, I haven’t had time to watch things.

Two updates: The fungicide I got for the weird yellow mushrooms in the garden apparently didn’t work, so I took my weeder and dug them all up and left them to dry on the porch so I can get rid of them. Also, I haven’t found any dead roaches, despite an inordinate number of roach bait boxes tucked into my cabinets, which I guess is a good thing. At least I’m going to hope it’s good, as in there aren’t any more of them as opposed to waste-of-money-don’t-work bad.

And that’s that.

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