Forgetting Weekends

I keep forgetting about weekends.

I mean, I know what day it is and all, it’s not that I forget that, for instance, today is Sunday.

I forget that weekends are days off for people who work regular jobs.

Maybe I should hide after I write this… but I’m not currently working a “regular” job, so my weekend kind of blurs into the rest of the week.

This is why I went to the beach this afternoon and was at first confused by the huge crowds there. Yes, the weather was perfect for the beach, but this is Hawaii, so the weather is perfect for the beach about 90% of the time.

Today there were swarms of small children. Everywhere.

After a few minutes I remembered; oh, yes, it’s Sunday and kids aren’t in school and parents aren’t at work and they’re all here at my beach and being noisy and scaring away the wildlife. Including me.

I made it an hour and then came home.

Here’s to tomorrow, when the kids are back in school. Huzzah!

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