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So about this whole Energy Conservation thing

We had the meeting tonight about the energy conservation project thingum.

This is my take on it: there was an edict from the Department of Defense in 1998 (yes, 12 years ago this was) that people in privatized housing (defined as “military” housing that is managed by a private company, aka where I live) would have to pay for overages on their electricity. They set an “average” amount for each type (i.e. size, age, etc) of house and then if you’re way above (they’ve decided that 20% above average is above enough) then you have to pay.

With me so far?

Okay, now if you’re more than 20% below the average, you’ll get a rebate. Oh, and they don’t count the top and bottom 5% in their “average usage.”

Confused yet?

I actually think I’ve got it pretty well figured out, and it all makes sense (just as it did when I read the letter; I’m very good at reading, thank you very much) but apparently there isn’t really a plan to do anything to actually make our homes more energy efficient. This whole thing is to try and “correct behavior” so that people who “take advantage” will do the “right thing” and conserve energy, or have to pay for themselves. The quotation marked bits are things I actually heard tonight.

Aside: I would also like to say I just spent over two hours at this Town Hall meeting thing and I’m a little tired.

I asked about ceiling fans (there’s not the money or the manpower to give them to us and because of “liability” reasons we’re not allowed to install them ourselves) and weather stripping (I was told that wouldn’t make a significant difference– say what?!) and energy efficient appliances (as the old ones die, they’ll be replaced, so I guess that’s okay). I forgot to ask about the air conditioner; when we moved in they told us to run the blasted thing all the time to keep out mold and mildew, but in the “instructional video” we watched, they said about four times that we should open windows to conserve energy. Which is it?? So I’m going to find someone to ask that question.

I know this isn’t a terribly interesting for a blog post, but it’s about the only thing that happened to me (besides going to the zoo as usual).

I wonder how this whole thing is going to work. It sounds like it’s still got a lot of kinks in it. Should be loads of “fun.”

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