zoo stuff

Release the Lion!

So, tomorrow our new lion (at the zoo) goes on exhibit (officially) with a big press release.


I’ll post photos tomorrow, if I can get some good ones, but apparently the mayor is coming, too, so it might get a little crazy. And crowded.

Our new boy is named Ekundu, which is Swahili for “red” although I don’t think he’s all that red looking.

Here’s an adorable video of him as a cub: Click me!

Anyway, he’s going to be really big (already about 365 lbs and not fully grown) and he’s already got a lovely mane coming in, though it will keep growing for a few more years. He likes the big boomer ball (huge and almost lion-proof plastic) in his yard and seems pretty laid back most of the time. It will be interesting to see how he likes the new exhibit and handles the crowds, though since he came from San Diego, I imagine he’s used to people.

He’s supposed to be getting a lady friend sometime this fall, but no word yet on when she’s supposed to arrive. It’s exciting, though! ^_^

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