Still technically Thursday

I was headed to bed and remembered that I hadn’t posted today, so here are the highlights.

Spent an hour in the car TO the zoo but only 20 minutes home. The H1 (interstate) makes me wanna pull out my hair.

Cleaned. A lot.

Cleaned a pool that smelled like fishdeath. Not kidding. The drain had been clogged for a while and they finally pumped out the water and (I hope) fixed it (media coming to take photos tends to motivate people) and turned the formerly-dry-moat into a swamp (again, not kidding) and I spent an hour getting the fishdeath sludge out of the pool. It’s a lot prettier in there now.

Came home, ate lunch, watched NCIS, talked on the phone.

There, that’s my day in review and now I’m going to sleep.

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