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The Organic Experiment

So, since I haven’t been in the mood to cook much lately, I’ve been looking for easy ways to eat good quality food without wasting things (i.e. throwing away veggies that go bad because I couldn’t eat them fast enough). One way is to cook in bulk and reheat leftovers, but I really get tired of things after I’ve eaten them twice.

My solution was to start trying some of the newer frozen food items that have shown up at the store. Frozen food is getting much better and there are a lot of choices, much more than just a few years ago. I’ve tried about a half dozen brands over the past couple of months, just one at the time and a couple of items from each brand.

My assessment? A lot of the frozen things are terrible. I was disappointed. When you’re craving something and you get the frozen version and it tastes completely wrong, it’s frustrating.

Then I found Amy’s— and the food is great! The servings are a perfect size for me, there’s variety (pizza! Indian! Mexican! burgers!) and it’s affordable per meal (at the commissary, anyway). Amy’s is organic, though; I don’t normally buy a lot organic (except dairy because regular dairy seems to spoil quickly here) because I’m not convinced that most organic products make a difference. Organic bananas? Well, you take the peel off anyway, so you’re not eating pesticides, are you?

With frozen entrées, though, organic means nothing artificial and no preservatives, so no weird tastes and no ingredients that are unpronounceable. I like that. So I decided to do a little experiment and eat (mostly) organic for a little while and see if I feel better.

My theory? Eating organic in and of itself isn’t going to make me feel better (health-wise, I mean), but I will in fact feel better. Why? I suspect that people who eat organic have to think more about what they are eating and therefore make better and healthier food choices overall.


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