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Belle and her Beast

Last night we went to see the touring production of Beauty and the Beast. It was wonderful! ^_^

The show hasn’t been on (other than a very reduced version at Hollywood Studios in Orlando that really isn’t the same thing) in 16 years and they’ve apparently reworked some of it, but I still loved it.

The costumes and sets were done to look like the characters are living in a whimsical place, keeping some of the cartoon-like qualities. The music was fun, including about twice as many songs as the original movie. My favorite song was their version of “Gaston,” (that’s a YouTube video of the cast I saw) which included a sequence where the villagers are all holding metal flagons and clink them together in time to the music with a lot of choreography. Very fun. ^_^

Anyway, we had a great time and I got a keepsake playbill. Not many touring groups come to Hawaii, so it was exciting to see them.

Next up? Cats will be here over New Years! I just have to convince J that it’ll be worth seeing… Heh heh.

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