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Trick or Treat; apparently not just for kids

So, it’s November.

Usually that means I’m in a writing flurry with NaNoWriMo, but this year I’m just not feeling it. I’ve got so much on my plate right now that there might not be any more writing this month (I managed the first two days, but I’m not into the story and it felt forced).

Indiana Jones

We had over two hundred trick-or-treaters on Sunday night, and a good chunk of them were people who should not be trick or treating. For your reading enjoyment, my List of Those to Whom I Dislike Giving Candy, or the Fake-or-Treaters:

  • The babe-in-arms: If your infant has to be carried or pushed in a stroller and you’re holding the trick-or-treat bag (or it’s tied to the infant’s hand), then your child is TOO YOUNG to be trick-or-treating. You’re not fooling anyone, either; the kid’s not going to eat that Snickers bar. Why don’t you be a grown-up and buy your own Halloween candy? Speaking of grown-ups…
  • The grown-ups in costume: It’s one thing if you’re just walking around with your kid and happen to be wearing a costume. I get that, it’s fun. But when you show up with your kid AND your own bag? That’s not okay. And then to come with a group of other grown-ups and maybe one kid between you, if any at all? Not cool. Again, be an adult and buy yourself some Halloween candy.
  • The teenager who drives herself: If you can drive yourself from door to door, you don’t need to ask me for candy. Drive yourself to the store. Ditto on the teenage girls in the cute outfits that show off your figures– if you look like that, you shouldn’t be doing the kiddie activities anyway.
  • The rude child: You know the one. It’s the kid that looks at your bowl of candy and says, “I don’t like that, do you have anything else?” The worst is when mom or dad (or whoever) doesn’t correct them, but laughs at their child’s “precociousness.” MEMO to parents: Your child is NOT precocious. Your child is RUDE.
  • The family dog: Okay, so the dog’s costume is cute. I like cute dogs. But the candy bag strapped to the dog? I know that’s not for the dog’s consumption, so no, I am not going to give candy to your dog thankyouverymuch.

Other than the crazy number of trick-or-treaters (seriously, we had to bum candy from the neighbors because we ran out FAST), Halloween was fun. We went to a costume party on Saturday night and then had a fun time handing out candy on Sunday.

Halloween Party

November has been cooler (high around 80 to 82) and rainy every day so far, which is actually a nice change. It’s not so nice in terms of cleaning at the zoo, but I do like a change of pace. And the rhinos are happy in the mud, which is cute. Oh, and there are photos at the photo journal from October now, mostly of Halloween stuff and an angry picture of Caspian, who doesn’t like posing for pictures. ^_^

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