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Random Thursday Thinkings

I feel that I should write something, even though I don’t have much to say, so here are some random musings for today:

I have one week to read 3 1/2 Harry Potter books. Think I can’t do it? I actually work best on a deadline (just ask my long-suffering college profs about the 25 page short stories written the night before due– I’m NOT kidding, though I kind of wish I was…) so I think they’ll all get read. If not, I can skip ahead to book 7 and read it the night before the movie. I’m excited, though. Harry Potter has been a staple in my reading life for… oh, I don’t know how long. Ten years, at least. When did book 3 get published? That was when I started reading, asked by my mom to make sure they were safe for my younger brother.

It took me 30 minutes to pick up coffee at Starbucks tonight. I wouldn’t have bothered, but it’s Veteran’s Day and I wanted to take coffee and doughnuts to the duty section on the ship (including J). The Starbucks was soooo slooooow tonight it was unreal. Their brewed coffee is usually the fastest thing to order, and it shouldn’t have taken me half an hour to get it, even if I did want the 12 cup box. The manager felt bad for me, though, and gave me a coupon for two free drinks next time I go.

Secretariat was a really good movie, even if you’re not into horses. And even if you know the story, you still feel the exhilaration of the races and pull for the horse to win, much like watching Oedipus or something similar, in that you know what’ll happen but can’t help getting caught up in it anyway. The horses were beautiful and I could tell my eight year old self was very pleased with them and then the eight year old self kind of wanted to go horseback riding RIGHT NOW. We still haven’t been, but I’m thinking maybe in early December. I’m also thinking that when we’re back on the mainland I might look into leasing a horse and taking lessons. I’ve wanted to do that since I was, well, eight years old and it’s about time I followed through on that dream. Plus, by leasing a horse I don’t have to own a horse, and I’m not responsible for the vet bills. It’s a winning situation. Oh, and back to my original point: you should see Secretariat, even if you have to wait and rent it.

I had an allergic reaction to something earlier this week. I only mention it for two reasons: 1, when I have a face-related allergy, I apparently turn into a Cabbage Patch Kid, and 2, steroids (which I’m on to reverse the swelling) make me really ENERGETIC for about six hours after I take them. I mean really, really energetic. I crash around 2pm, but I’ve had extremely productive mornings the past two days. It’s too bad the antihistamines I’m also taking keep me from being able to drive myself anywhere. Let’s just say the kitchen is REALLY CLEAN and that all of the laundry is DONE, some of it twice.

I am very excited about the new Narnia movie. I have nothing else to say about that, though.

I’m hosting a baby shower for a friend on Saturday. It’s going to be at a restaurant and all I’m bringing are balloons, party favors, and the guest of honor, whose lunch I will buy. Really, this is the best way to do a baby shower, in my opinion. Baby showers are ridiculous anyway. I understand wanting to celebrate with someone and the showering with gifts bit, but if you’ve ever been to a baby shower you know what I’m talking about when I say “Party Games.” If you’ve never been to a baby shower, you are lucky. Baby shower party games are the most horrible of all party games, and yet there are people who defend them as being “fun.” I’ve never had “fun” playing a baby shower game. Maybe I should make an entire separate entry about baby showers… but then again, I like my friends and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We’ll just say that if you ever have me hosting your baby shower, there won’t be games. And it’ll probably be at a restaurant so I don’t have to cook. Or clean. Or plan games.

That’s enough thinking for tonight. Back to Harry Potter for now. ^_^

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