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Another Sunny November

Well, here we are, a week before Thanksgiving, and it’s still 85 and sunny. Perpetually.

Last week we had some rain… and then it went away again. That’s it.

While I like not being cold all the time, and I really enjoy the warm weather and being able to go outside and do things, and especially like that when I’m at the zoo cleaning my fingers aren’t numb and sticking to the shovels and rakes (raking yards in the winter is one of the more miserable parts of an otherwise amazing experience), it’s still a little weird (okay, a lot weird) to have Christmas decorations in all the stores and to be getting ready for Thanksgiving and to have it feel like, say, June. June is not the time for Thanksgiving, much less Christmas. At least I haven’t seen the polar bears and penguins at the NEX like I did last year… Ornaments seem to be the thing this year, which I like better than the snowflakes in Hawaii.

The zoo was nice today, and pretty quiet for a change; I guess with the holidays approaching, field trips are in a lull. One group of kids I saw today was better informed than most, and when they saw me tossing apples into the black rhino pool, they started discussing it (“Look! She’s enriching them!”) and how to enrich other animals, like tigers. It was refreshing to have a conversation with kids other than my usual “No, that’s actually not a monkey” spiel.

The AZA inspection is coming up soon and I’m going to a volunteer training/talk for it on Saturday. I have no idea what they’ll tell us, except maybe how the inspection works (and things we are and are not allowed to say). Having just experienced an AZA inspection at my last zoo, I have a pretty good idea how it happens, so that helps.

I guess that’s it for the zoo talk today. I keep forgetting my camera, so no new photos at the moment. I should get some before the end of the month, though. The tiger boys are getting ready to go to their grown-up zoos (so they can have their own cubbies!), so I imagine I’ll be getting some last photos of them. I will miss them… but then again we get to have new ones soon, so that’ll be fun. ^_^

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