Cleaning Day

My house smells like lemon and that makes me happy.

I realized today that I haven’t done a thorough house cleaning in quite a while so I started clearing all of my surfaces (desk, kitchen counter, dressers, everything) and piling the stuff on the dining room table and the two beds just to get down to the actual wood itself, and used some of the Pledge I got yesterday to make it shiny and nice again. I scrubbed the kitchen sink and I washed all of the rugs and I cleaned all of the baseboards because I have a weird obsession with having clean baseboards. Maybe it’s not weird, but I do like them to be clean. It makes the whole wall look clean to have clean baseboards. I even ran the curtains through the drier with wet towels, finally– that got rid of the creases they’ve had since I bought them, finally.

And that was all I did today. I still need to work on the garden and backyard, and the laundry room needs some serious reorganizing, but really it was a productive day. I treated myself to pizza for dinner– thin crust, which is my favorite– and have been watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights, but I will probably go to bed long before it ends. I have to be up at 4:30 and at church by 6 for the youth auction which will raise money for our mission trips this summer. I donated a framed photo of the three tiger boys as cubs and a plaster cast of each tiger’s paw. I don’t know that it will make any money, but maybe someone will think it’s cool. You never know!

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