Auction Day

[note: I was so tired last night that I couldn’t sit up and write anything coherent, so this is dated for Sunday when I’m writing it on Monday morning. I will write again this evening so that I still have a post for every day.]

My day started at 4:30 in the morning after a relatively short night’s sleep. Going to bed two hours early to get up two hours early doesn’t always work out the way you wanted. Anyway, there was a flurry of set up from 6 or so until about nine thirty, and then the regular morning routine and then the auction started around 12:45. It went quickly but still took about two hours to sell everything.

Paw prints at auction

The paw prints and photo I donated only sold for $25, which is less than I thought but still something. I think in large part that was because the auctioneer didn’t understand what they were and didn’t explain it. Really too bad. I know the family that got them, though, and I’m glad they got it, so that was good.

I only bid on two things (and hadn’t intended on bidding for anything in the first place); I won both. One was a set of carvings that wasn’t going to sell at all and I wanted the youth to get some money for them, so I paid $15 for them. Ironically they were the only other auction items I really photographed before the thing started. I had no idea I’d be taking them home.

Chinese wood carvings

The other was from the silent auction happening simultaneously and makes me pretty happy…


Now I need some LPs! I gave all my stuff away when I wasn’t living in a dorm in college any more, but I’ve sort of missed having an actual phonograph. I think building a little collection might be fun, though, like a treasure hunt. It definitely gives me something new to do. Also, it looks vintage but it’s got a CD player (and cassette, actually). The radio tuner is broken, but I say who cares? It plays records! ^_^

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