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Musical Me

Here’s another borrow from the same place as the movie list. I have a feeling you’ll get a few of these on days I’m stuck for topics. ~_^


Did you play in the school band? Yes. I played the oboe in middle, high school and college (for a year)– eight years total. I was in the drumline in the high school marching band.

Church choir? When I was little I was in the “Angel Choir” and when I got older I was in another church choir but I don’t think we had a name.

What is your favourite song right now? Oh, that’s tough… but I’ll have to go with Saskia Hamilton.

Favorite Lyrics? Uhm… I’m really entertained by Saskia Hamilton because it’s a bunch of literary jokes. I’m a dork.

Favorite Band? I haven’t had a favourite band in a long time because every time I think I’ve found one and I love, say, the first two of their albums I then end up not liking album number 3 or 4. I’d say it depends on the day and sometimes even the time of day.

Favorite Soloist? Again, no real idea for this one. I like such a wide range of music… So again, it depends on the day!

Favorite Musical (theatre)? The Lion King. Easy one.

Favorite Musical (movie)? Singing in the Rain. I like this. And this, too!

Have you ever belonged to a mail order music club? Nope.

Do you still have your old tape collection? No. I think there are a couple of them stashed somewhere in my storage bins but most of them went in the donation box a while ago.

Do you let your friends borrow your music? Not really, but none of them ever really ask. Except for my sister. We trade music sometimes.

If you were stranded on a desert island what CD would you take with you? Can’t I take my iPod? If not, then something I can sing with, like Summer Girl by Smash Mouth. I never seem to get tired of that one.

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