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Obligatory Budget Blog

The only reason I am writing this blog entry is that I’m trying to keep track of things that happen and this one is kind of important to a lot of people right now, so I’m documenting it.

My thoughts? I’m seriously annoyed with the whole situation. I’m tired of people blaming one political party or the other when both are just butting heads over some political ideology that won’t really affect the giant deficit right now. It’s over a tiny percentage of money that happens to be tied to emotionally charged topics. I’m tired of members of the military community calling foul over not getting paid. This isn’t the first time it’s happened and it won’t be the last. Besides that, we will eventually get paid (unlike other federal employees) and besides all that, any creditors or other bills that need to be paid won’t hold it against us if we have to miss this month. Every single thing we’ve ever signed or agreed to do has a military clause so protect us in case of things like sudden deployment or sudden relocation or any other sudden related-to-the-military thing that happens. I’m also tired of every single place I go being inundated with it.

So yeah. Those are my thoughts.

On an unrelated note, a huge group of us went to see Soul Surfer tonight. It was pretty good, and a very inspirational story. The writing was just a little weird to me. I’d still recommend it, though. We got to see Bethany Hamilton last month at the HIM conference which made it a little more interesting for me since I didn’t really know about her until recently.

The only other thing that I did today was to pull everything out of the laundry room and reorganize it, thanks to a new shelf and some hanging racks and a couple of storage bins. I can walk all the way through the laundry room again!

See? It really is the little things in life. ^_^

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