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not missing a day

It is Tuesday.

I am tired.

I fell asleep on the couch for a while listening to Sir David Attenborough on teevee and then woke up to watch NCIS (I’m so glad I have DVR, as the show was half over by the time I was awake to watch it) and then I had leftovers for dinner and now I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow will be a long day as well.

Also, a mother at the zoo irritated me today; she was telling her Small Child to “Look at the monkeys that girl is feeding!” I smiled and said, “Actually, they’re not monkeys, they’re lemurs. None of the animals in the this area are monkeys.” Usually people are interested to know what they are. Her reply? “Well, I know that, but she’s only two.” Me: “Well, you could teach her ‘lemur’ instead.” And I walked away.

Just because a child is two doesn’t mean the child is stupid or unable to learn one two syllable word over another. I know when kids hit that “WHY?” stage it gets exhausting, but this child wasn’t asking why; she was just soaking in everything her mother said, which is what kids that are two generally do… which makes it not a good idea to lie to them to make it easier.


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