Meet an animal: coming soon

I’m putting this here as a placeholder because, again, I don’t want to miss a day. Tomorrow I will fill this in with what I want to say. I have photos to accompany it, too. ^_^

Tonight we ordered pizza and watched a couple of X-Files reruns from circa 1993. It’s weird to watch things so dated… and yet there’s still something fun about them. And I like that the characters can’t just Google the answers to things, but actually have to do manual research. In tonight’s episode there was an instance where a kid was covering pages in 1s and 0s and they didn’t understand what it meant. I immediately thought “binary” of course, having grown up with computers. I also recognized that the binary wasn’t really binary because of the patterns. The characters took most of the episode to work out what all the 1s and 0s were, though, and I don’t think ever used the word binary. Kind of funny.

1 thought on “Meet an animal: coming soon”

  1. Haha yeah okay I know you’ll write more, but about the Xfiles thing:

    I know what you mean about how they have to do actual research, but I think it’s funny when it goes the other way, too. If I ever see some current medical show about doctors, I feel like they always look symptoms up in a book, and that doesn’t make sense to me in the 2000s. If they have to publish new medical books every year because of the rate things get updated, why wouldn’t doctors reference the internet? Like a database of medical information or something? I know they exist.



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