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Small Victories

Small victory #53: Picking up on hints, aka I got flowers in the mail!

Yesterday I took delivery of eighteen beautiful roses and a cute little teddy bear. ^_^

Leena and roses

Leena clearly thinks they’re for her.

They opened up more overnight and are now huge! J’s never ordered flowers for me like that before, so it’s not only nice that he did, but that he remembered for our anniversary. ^_^

Colorful roses

I was at a youth lock-in last night that involved going for frozen yogurt, a night hike on our property, and a trip to the beach this morning. I am exhausted but it was fun. Then some of my friends took me to see Transformers (which was fun) and to a new Italian place that I liked very much.

It’s been a busy weekend (and couple of weeks to be honest) and I think I need a day to just, well, be. I want to sit and listen to music and read a book and not have a list a mile long of things to do.

Caspain sniffs roses

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