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Blog Every Day in August?

Hello, August the First! Maybe we shall try this whole BEDA thing again. Maybe.

Things that make me go HMMMM:

  • This morning I went to the grocery store and, as usual, took my own grocery bags. I had three regular bags and two insulated bags for cold things. When I got home, I discovered that my cold things were in my regular bags, while my tissue boxes were carefully zipped in the insulated bags.
  • My cat litter has changed so that instead of having “Dye and Perfume Free” now it’s just called “Unscented.” Does this mean there is or isn’t dye in it? I’m switching brands.
  • Mangoes are a locally grown product, and yet are impossible to find without driving around looking for a truck on the side of the road. The mangoes in the grocery store? They’re from Mexico and Chile. And they were probably expensive to fly here.
  • A round trip plane ticket from here to Sydney costs the same as a round trip ticket to San Diego at the moment. I’m not even kidding (though I wish I was).
  • The “Love Nature” (or some such brand) cookies I looked at today use palm oil, which is destructive to the rainforest. I didn’t buy them.

That’s really all. If anything eventful happens, I’ll just write again.

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