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Things I thought on Thursday

I realized about a minute ago it was getting late and that I should really write my blog post and TRY to get to bed…

…but I got my Pottermore email this morning (it’s in beta testing and guess who got in early? ^_^) and I’ve been playing through the first half of the first book. It’s basically a way to interact with the book while you read it (or, if you’ve read it a LOT like me, to just play with the story). I think maybe I should at least try to push through my commentary before I get to book 3 on the website… but maybe I won’t. Who knows?

I don’t want to give anything away about the site in case you, my reader, decide to join and don’t want spoilers, but I will say that this happened:


and I might have SQUEED just a bit.


In other news, I had a very nice day at the zoo today. I even got to visit with Puka a little, who is now all grown up. I posted about her roughly a year ago when she was just a few months old.

Puka peeking

She was very curious about my window-washing stuff– one of my afternoon chores. After finishing the windows, I had a little time to kill waiting for a staff meeting to end (which occupied pretty much the whole keeper staff) so I went to the snack bar and got a shave ice… with no syrup. At first they thought I was odd, but I pointed out that the shaved ice itself is very nice and that on hot days the sugary syrup just dehydrates you. It was, in fact, very nice to sit in the shade and eat shaved ice and visit with the tigers.

So that’s all. If I’m a little overly excited about Pottermore for the next few days you’ll have to forgive me, but it’s terribly exciting to suddenly be “doing” all the things I’ve been reading for years. Thanks for being so patient with my geeky self. ^_^

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