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Games and Sports: Week 5 of 2012 in Photos

This week seemed to involve a lot of games and sporting events. You only get five days’ worth, though, since I tacked last Monday and Tuesday onto the other January photos. ^_^

2/1/2012 Coffee, blonde

2/1 I tried the new Starbucks roast called Veranda. It’s a blonde coffee and might be my new favorite. I like my coffee light roasted.

2/2/2012 golden sunrise

2/2 The sunrise on the way to the zoo on Thursday was spectacular, and this photo doesn’t do it justice. That isn’t the sun you’re seeing– those are the clouds glowing over the mountains before the sun has gotten above them. (You can also see I was, once again, sitting in traffic and not moving..)

2/3/2012 Mexican train domino game

2/3 I went to a friend’s house on Friday night and learned a new domino game. We played 13 rounds (one for every number plus blanks, and they were 12×12 dominoes) and it was really fun.

Punahou Carnival -- scrip and malasada

2/4 On Saturday, I went to the Punahou Carnival for the first time and had a good time walking around and eating fair foods. My only disappointment? No corndogs. The malasadas were amazing, though.

2/4/2012 Leena is a Tar Heel!

Also 2/4 Leena watched the UNC vs. Maryland game with me. She kept inching more and more to the left until I couldn’t see the clock anymore and it was just a LITTLE annoying. Mostly cute.

2/5/2012 zucchini sauce

2/5 I purchased 2 or 3 lbs worth of zucchini on Saturday, so on Sunday while waiting for the Super Bowl to start, I made a sauce (and had pasta for lunch) and zucchini bread. The bread recipe was new to me so it didn’t turn out as well as I’d have liked, but it wasn’t awful.

And now, because I didn’t want all the photos to look the same, this is how the kitties spend their time while I’m watching sports. Keep in mind they like to PARTICIPATE and they like to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION at all times. So, here they are:

Leena is annoyed with sloppy ball handling and lack of rebounds

Leena didn’t quite understand why I kept shouting at the screen… or did she?

Leena and TZ... similar profiles?

These profiles made me laugh…

2/4/2012 Caspian is a Heel as well...

Once I’d moved Leena away from the screen, Caspian plunked himself in the exact same spot.

Super Bowl -- Leena is undecided for her team

Leena’s interests are not limited to basketball. She also likes football. Anything with little men running around on a screen is interesting.

Super Bowl -- Muddy Water Caspian

And I spent a good portion of the game watching between a pair of ears…

So there you have it. My cats like sports. I just didn’t want this entire week to be cat photos, but I also didn’t want to not share them. You’re welcome.

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