Here, there, and everywhere: Week 7 of 2012 in pictures

2/13/2013 welcome home

This week’s photos will be without much more explanation than what they themselves contain. Please bear with me.

Monday, 2/13, we got to welcome home a certain ship. ^_^

2/14/2012 Star Wars valentine

2/14 On Tuesday, we saw Star Wars (Episode One) for Valentine’s Day. It was better than I remembered, but my guess is that the impression was helped by the fact that I haven’t seen it in almost a decade.

2/15/2012 Kauai coffee plantation tasting

2/15 Wednesday we flew to Kauai. This photo is from coffee tasting at Kauai Coffee company.

2/16/2012 waterfall

2/16 Thursday we did more sight-seeing and visited some waterfalls, including this one.

2/17/2012 palm trees in sunlight

2/17 Driving toward the sunset on Friday; we made it in time to see the green flash (better photos to follow).

2/18/2012 Caspian loves shoes

2/18 Caspian was veeery interested in our shoes on Saturday– he already has a thing for shoes and when they smell INTERESTING, it’s all the better!

2/19/2012 making supper

2/19 Sunday night supper– grill needs cleaning, so we did everything on the stovetop.


And there it is! The week in (brief) review. There will be plenty more photos when I have time to upload and edit them all. Here’s to another great week! ^_^

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