Takin’ care of business: Week 9 of 2012 in photos

This week has been one in which I accomplished a lot and worked very hard on several projects. My photos are mostly of things related to them, with a handful of other randomness.

Monday I cleaned the bedroom and started getting things together to make a deployment shadowbox and scrapbook for J. He collected some patches, so I had them spread out on the bed… and Caspian decided they were his.

Tuesday we cleared out an old garden area at the zoo and planted a new, fresh set of plants. I hope they do well.

Wednesday I was out running errands and had to stop on the navy base and to my surprise found a tall ship moored in front of J’s ship. It was the KRI Dewaruci, visiting Hawaii from Indonesia; it’s one of the Indonesian Navy’s training and ambassador vessels. Very cool.

Wednesday was also the day I discovered flavored marshmallows… and made hot chocolate with chocolate marshmallow goodness.

Thursday was another zoo day and it involved a lot of lifting and hauling and climbing into awkward spaces, but it was worth it. And as a reward, I got an Otter Popgreen, obviously.

Friday we tackled the beetle infestation in the garage. Wait… did I tell you about that? I guess that’s a story for another entry entirely… Anyway, J and I cleaned out a lot of stuff, and finally decided to get rid of the old red furniture, which is now out for bulk pick-up tomorrow morning. It’s a little bittersweet because it was our first furniture together, but it’s nice to clean out and move on with things. Plus it was free in the first place. So now it’s gone and we’ve got a ton of space in the garage and because the beetles are finally gone (I really should tell you about them) now I can use the garage again for, y’know, the car… The photo is of the boxes I saved to take to the zoo; they’ll be turned into enrichment items. Friday we also cleaned out and organized the guest room and got a bunch of shelving type things and started generally cleaning out and organizing most of the house

Saturday as a reward for working so hard on Friday, we went to do the submarine tour. We saw a shark, a spotted eagle ray, several eels and several turtles in addition to the usual fish around the reefs.

J had duty today (Sunday), so I took him supper around 6 and we sat on the messdecks and played Skipbo. It was reeeeally cold for some reason so we made hot chocolate and I bundled into a warm coat he still happened to have on board.

I don’t think he was quite as cold as I was.

So there’s the week. I’m exhausted but feeling accomplished. Tomorrow I’ve got to do the living room (it’s the last room on my organizing list) because we’ve got company coming for supper. Fun times! ^_^

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