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Almost done fasting and this is what I’ve learned.

So, I’ve been on a mostly-vegan* fast the last three weeks that I get to break on Sunday morning (Easter) with a friend who has promised me cinnamon rolls. This is (briefly) what I have learned:

  • Americans eat entirely too much meat. I don’t eat out much but the two times I’ve tried in the last three weeks made me realize that there is meat in EVERYTHING, including so-called “vegetarian” things.
  • There is sugar in really strange foods. Basically, if you don’t make it yourself, there is probably sugar in it. I’m not even kidding.
  • Even though I don’t eat large portions, I go for comfort food more often than I realized.
  • I could probably be a vegetarian pretty easily. Giving up meat (except for the dining out part) was easy because I don’t buy meat (except for J) at home anyway. But giving up dairy? HARD. I miss cheese. A lot. And yogurt. But mostly cheese.
  • Mediterranean food is surprisingly simple to make.
  • Cayenne fixes a lot of boring things, especially when you need protein and beans are available.
  • Speaking of protein, there’s protein in a LOT of places. It took me a few days to figure out how to get enough, but once you find it, protein is simple!
  • Triscuits are my favorite.
  • Have I told you I really miss cheese?


*It’s called the Daniel Fast and is based on the fasting of the prophet Daniel from the Old Testament. It’s mostly vegan because we’re allowed honey. Some versions don’t, but I’m not going to complain because peanut butter honey sandwiches are perfect to pack in a lunch. 😀

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