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Closing time?

I know I’m overdue for a photo post. I’ve been taking them but I haven’t had the time (or attention span) to sit down and upload them to the blog. Maybe today I’ll have the time, since J’s got duty.

Anyway, I’m writing to ask your opinion, few and faithful readers. J and I found out this past week that we will be leaving Hawaii in the fall. I am both excited and sad about it, as we’re going to a great new place and I always enjoy a fresh start, but we’ve made so many good friends here and I do love being able to go outside in shorts year round.

I’ll write more about that later. And I’m sure you’ll hear all the usual military-move-related rants when the time comes. But in the meantime, I have a question–

Should I rename my blog?

My domain name is up for renewal next month, so I have to decide in the next two weeks if I’m going to keep it or change it. Should I make it just be my name? Should I change it to say something about where we’re going? Should I keep it the same? What do you think?


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