Housekeeping and whatnot

So, you might have noticed that I wound up changing my domain name after all. I’ll be keeping the old domain name as well, at least for the next year, so that anyone searching for “lavavolavka.com” will still find me. So that’s all the same. I might change it again when I figure something out for our new locale, but as I’ll be transitioning a lot this year, and as I want to give the address to new people before I leave so they can stay in touch, simpler seemed better.

My sister’s been visiting all this week and I’ve taken a ton of photos, but there are all on the camera still. I also haven’t uploaded phone pictures in a while for my 365, but I’ve still been taking them. I’ll get them online soon. Maybe tonight if I feel motivated enough.

So that’s all. Just a little update on things. 🙂

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