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Time keeps on slippin’

I don’t have much to say but I realized I hadn’t updated in a while and thought I’d poke in here for a minute with a general update.

I’m about to be traveling a lot, here and back again, for the summer. Well, for most of the foreseeable rest of the year, actually. We’re going through another PCS and are about to start that process, which is you have been here a while, you’ll remember was so much FUN the last time we did it.

In the meantime, we’ve got some vacation, I have summer camp, and there are all sorts of things to figure out before move-time.

I have a ton of photos from my sister’s visit a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had time to upload and edit them. Maybe I’ll work on that today.

Ohh and I got an anniversary gift from J a couple of weeks early– a new iPad. I’m back and forth. On choosing a name for her, though I definitely think she needs one. Part of me wants to call her Harriet and part of me wants to call her Sheila. My gps is also called Sheila, but this doesn’t bother me as 1) the gps is apparently dying– the last update made it super buggy– and 2) Sheila is just a good name for electronics. Oh, and 3) then I can pretend that all of my electronics share a single AI and that she’s going from item to item with me. Wait, maybe that’s too creepy. Hmm.

Anyway, there’s there update. Informative, though not terribly entertaining. Maybe I’ll try to be funny again later?

2 thoughts on “Time keeps on slippin’”

  1. I named my car Tulip, for the flower and also for the 5 points of Calvinism if anyone asks who happens to be Presbyterian! I too have a new iPad and have enjoyed it as a new toy but I still have to use my laptop alot and my phone and so it hasn’t really replaced anything. I’m looking forward to visiting with your mom sometime soon if we can get our schedules coordinated. I’ve told her how much I enjoy your blog. As a wannabee writer myself ,. it inspires me!


    1. Thanks, Kelli! I’m glad you enjoy my blog. 🙂 I really do like my iPad, and since I don’t have a laptop that works, it’s been very nice to be portable. Especially on airplanes, as I’m discovering… 🙂


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