Joanna has many opinions, some of which are here. You have been warned. Geek culture. Gryffindor. Whovian. Jedi. Nerdfighter. Cat lady. Semi-professional Tree-Hugger. Staff at IGGPPC. Spinner of stories. Joanna lives in Chicago with her husband, two cats, and extensive book collection. She spends her time alternately between creative artistic pursuits and has a passion for wildlife and conservation. She still hasn’t decided what she’s going to be when she grows up, though she suspects she will probably be herself. Her upcoming debut novel, Threadwalkers, will be published by 50/50 Press. Details forthcoming. You can find her other ramblings at joannavolavka.com or by following her on twitter @joannavolavka which is mostly cat photos and retweets of the geek culture variety. Need to get in touch? Head to her contact page.

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