The end of BEDA

Well, today is the last day. I didn’t do so well this time, did I? Though I guess 25 of 30 days isn’t bad. It’ll be nice to not have to remember to do this every day, though. I’ve been better about the photos because they’re easier.

Today was a long day, but I did get to go to a 4th birthday party. There was much painting and pinata bashing and cake eating. The kids had fun and I took a ton of photos. And now I’m exhausted and going to bed.

I wonder if by August I’ll have forgotten how difficult BEDA is and try it again. Probably.


Random thoughts

1. BEDA doesn’t work as well in months with holidays as in months without.

2. I love that I can buy the same chai mix at the store that Starbucks uses. The frothed milk addition is nice, but sometimes it’s nicer to have it at home.

3. I could probably make proofreading a legitimate job but I’d be bored senseless.

4. Sometimes I need to take a sick day and not feel guilty about it, but taking sick days makes me feel guilty every single time.

5. When I break my chain of thought it’s hard to get back on track. So I’m done writing for now.


Palm Sunday

So I just realized that I missed yesterday… and I’m too tired to write anything today, but I’m not going to skip two days in a row. >.<

I promise I’m going to do the “Meet an animal” thing– it’s going to be on African wild dogs. See? Even have the animal all picked out for you.

Okay, bed now.

PS: Rio was a cute, fun movie. I like cartoons. ^_^

Y’know, I just realized that I called this post Palm Sunday and didn’t talk about that at all. Ha.


Meet an animal: coming soon

I’m putting this here as a placeholder because, again, I don’t want to miss a day. Tomorrow I will fill this in with what I want to say. I have photos to accompany it, too. ^_^

Tonight we ordered pizza and watched a couple of X-Files reruns from circa 1993. It’s weird to watch things so dated… and yet there’s still something fun about them. And I like that the characters can’t just Google the answers to things, but actually have to do manual research. In tonight’s episode there was an instance where a kid was covering pages in 1s and 0s and they didn’t understand what it meant. I immediately thought “binary” of course, having grown up with computers. I also recognized that the binary wasn’t really binary because of the patterns. The characters took most of the episode to work out what all the 1s and 0s were, though, and I don’t think ever used the word binary. Kind of funny.

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not missing a day

It is Tuesday.

I am tired.

I fell asleep on the couch for a while listening to Sir David Attenborough on teevee and then woke up to watch NCIS (I’m so glad I have DVR, as the show was half over by the time I was awake to watch it) and then I had leftovers for dinner and now I’m going to bed.

Tomorrow will be a long day as well.

Also, a mother at the zoo irritated me today; she was telling her Small Child to “Look at the monkeys that girl is feeding!” I smiled and said, “Actually, they’re not monkeys, they’re lemurs. None of the animals in the this area are monkeys.” Usually people are interested to know what they are. Her reply? “Well, I know that, but she’s only two.” Me: “Well, you could teach her ‘lemur’ instead.” And I walked away.

Just because a child is two doesn’t mean the child is stupid or unable to learn one two syllable word over another. I know when kids hit that “WHY?” stage it gets exhausting, but this child wasn’t asking why; she was just soaking in everything her mother said, which is what kids that are two generally do… which makes it not a good idea to lie to them to make it easier.



Sunday tardiness

Well, I didn’t manage a blog post yesterday, but I plead super-busy-Sunday as my excuse. I had to be at church around 7am for Youth Sunday and then came home long enough to change and go out to the beach baptisms for three of the youth who just joined the church and then didn’t go online the rest of the evening. So there you go.

That’s really it. Today I’ve got a bunch of projects that I’ve been meaning to do and just haven’t had time, and I’ve got zoo stuff the rest of the week, so I have to get them done now.

And I guess that’s really it.