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Takin’ care of business: Week 9 of 2012 in photos

This week has been one in which I accomplished a lot and worked very hard on several projects. My photos are mostly of things related to them, with a handful of other randomness.

Monday I cleaned the bedroom and started getting things together to make a deployment shadowbox and scrapbook for J. He collected some patches, so I had them spread out on the bed… and Caspian decided they were his.

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Another North Shore Weekend

Erdman sunrise

Today has been a productive day, which is good as I was at the north shore again all weekend. Granted, it was for a youth retreat which is also productive (in another way), but today I needed to get the car inspected and the oil changed, get the form from the Navy that says we’re stationed here, and then get the can registration renewed and somehow I managed it all in one afternoon! Plus I got fun things in the mail and had pumpkin pancakes for breakfast and had a long-distance phone conversation and found red ballet flats on clearance. All in all, today was a very good day indeed!

I’ll put some photos of this weekend below the cut so they don’t clutter. Most are scenery, but I might post a few of the retreat because shaving cream fights are just plain funny. ^_^

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August photos

I didn’t take many photos in August, but what I took, I’ve uploaded here. Several are the ones I’ve posted here but a few are not, including some aquarium photos. So there you go.

Spotted fish

Also, I think Caspian has more issues than I realized. There are some pans sitting by the front door that I’m getting rid of and are there to remind me to pack them in the car tomorrow… and tonight they have become the SCARY THING WE MUST POKE. There is always a scary thing we must poke, but at least the pans don’t move when touched.. unlike gardening gloves…

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4th of July Fun with 4 Second Exposures

I don’t know about you, but I had an outstanding 4th of July this year. Yesterday (during the day) I went with some friends on their 4 person catamaran out on Kaneohe Bay and we sailed for about four hours. It was wonderful to be so close to the water, skimming along the surface almost like we were flying. (No photos because I didn’t want to get the camera wet.)

We beat the rain coming in from the water, and I headed home to shower and change and then go back to a cookout on the Navy base with some other friends. We had the traditional fare– hotdogs and burgers, corn on the cob and baked beans, watermelon and potato salad– and then walked down to the big field where the base was hosting it’s huge 4th of July celebration.

Plain White T's

The field was full of people selling fair foods (I bought kettle corn!) and rides and bouncy houses for the kids, and earlier in the day there had been a petting zoo, pony rides, a classic car show, and other things, but the main attraction was the amphitheater they erected on one end of the field. At 8 o’clock, they brought out the main act– the Plain White T’s. I heard the start of the concert (which sounded pretty good) but we had a bunch of kids with our group so we wandered back to the place where we’d had the cookout.

Fireworks view 2011

At nine o’clock, the fireworks started and we had an amazing view; the people hosting the cookout are a couple that live near my friends, and the husband is a Coast Guard captain with a little boat in Pearl Harbor… so we sat on the bow of the boat and watched as the fireworks went off directly in front of us (though across the harbor). It was a fun show, and this year they had fireworks that even spelled “USA” in red, white, and blue.

USA fireworks

I got home around 10:30, exhausted but happy. All in all, it was a good 4th of July. I also realized it’s one of my favorite holidays because of all the tradition and patriotism and history associated with it. Sometimes it’s nice to just be proud of our country and have some corn on the cob and watermelon. ^_^

The title of this entry refers to the fact that I wound up using a 4 second exposure to capture a lot of the fireworks, though there are several photos with shorter exposure. If you want to see more of them, click here or the “Read More” button. ^_^

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Philippines photos

There are now photos, along with captions that at least somewhat explain what you’re seeing, at my photo blog. You can view them here.

I will post a few more at some point (including some underwater ones I borrowed from someone with an underwater camera) and write about the trip more thoroughly when I have enough time to do a proper job of it.

So… in the meantime, enjoy the photos! And ask if you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

Oh, and we went on the trip with Compassion International, so when I talk about “sponsor children” that’s why.