Let’s work together!

I would love to work with you at your next event! I have experience in a wide range of topics and am available for virtual conferences, to speak on panels,

Topics I can speak out:

  • Storytelling beyond “Once Upon a Time”
  • Worldbuilding in fiction
  • My career path as an author
  • The importance of narrative to learning, especially with science
  • Science communication and storytelling
  • Geek Fandom and embracing the things that make you unique
  • Friendships in a digital age
  • The art of Snail Mail
  • Digital communities and their importance

Or pitch me an idea!

Want to have me speak in person at your event, school, library, or be on a panel?

I’m happy to come speak at your event! My travel is all out of pocket so distance may play a factor, but if you would like to invite me to your library or school or event, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH. Or if you know I will be in your local area for some other reason, ALSO GET IN TOUCH.