We have internet!

The cable guy came today, so I now have TV and internet again. Of course, I haven’t touched the TV except to make sure it’s working, and have spent the last two hours catching up on email and working on stuff for NaNoWriMo, which is just around the corner. I was asked to co-lead the Hawaii region (having co-led the Hampton Roads region last year) and so things have suddenly started looking busy for November. By the way, NaNo is a great non-profit for writers and if you’re looking for a good charitable donation, this one qualifies.

We got our furniture on Friday and things were downright crazy over the weekend. We discovered that the most common labels on our boxes are “books” and “articles.” “Books” seems to mean that a few books got tossed in the bottom of the box with other stuff dumped on top of it, while “articles” means the packers were too busy to be bothered actually writing down the contents of the box. My favorite so far? The boxes that say “articles” that actually contain books. Fun stuff. Oh, and I can’t find half of my DVDs because they’re in one of the 25 “book” boxes. I know this because I opened one “book” box and found half of the DVDs. Way to go, Moving Company!

The list of broken stuff hasn’t grown much, but I am annoyed that the Moving Company seemed to have a grudge against lamps. Don’t ask me why, but they managed to somehow break or render useless every lamp I own. That would be two floor lamps (the top of one and the bottom of the other is broken, and of course they’re not interchangeable pieces), and all of the lampshades for my four table lamps have been crushed. One even looks a bit like an accordion

On an up note, nothing of value seems to be broken, and J is coming home at night this week. Yay! I almost have the kitchen put together and most of the furniture is where it belongs. Most. Also, the birds have discovered my feeders in the backyard. I seem to have an abundance of Java sparrows, zebra doves and spotted doves. I had a few cardinals for a while, but the sparrows have pretty much taken over the feeders. They’re like the birdy mafia.

I hope this finds you well. I’ll be posting new photos soon, though probably not today.

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